Women Of America Unite Against Palin!!!!

I am what I like to call a cultural Christian. I am not a Bible thumping Christian. I don't go to Church (unless socially obligated). I am not at all a fan of organized religion in any way. I think Faith is personal and I don't need to go to a building and have someone tell me how I should be feeling about my Faith. But if it works for you, I respect that. But lately, I feel like there have been signs of the Apocalypse.

I started noticing little signs here and there. Hip Hop music became so devoid of substance that every time I turned on the radio I wanted to vomit a little. Songs touting choruses like "call me Mr. Flinstone, I can make your bed rock", and songs boasting how much champagne was had at the club while looking at your booty, had become the norm. A musical medium that had once told us the story of struggle in the streets was now all about designer bags and gluttony. Yet people in the ghettos were still suffering. Yes, they had custom, bejeweled mouth guards; but would they make it past 23? Who cares, we are drinking Dom at the club!! At the same time Rihanna's nasally voice was collectively torturing America's radio stations.

But she was not the only banshee screeching signs that the Apocalypse was near. Another omen would soon appear. This was the most terrifying of them all. It reared its head during the 2008 Presidential elections. It was the moment when McCain chose, that lipstick wearing pig as his running mate. Isn't that how the Anti-Christ is described in the Bible? Or is she a pit bull wearing lipstick?

Although she didn't win the election, it didn't deter her. Like a fungus she just keeps coming back over and over, no matter how much ointment you use. It itches and oozes until your are convinced that maybe it is cancer. So I have been told.

Now I say enough is enough. We must stand up against this virus, or fungus or anti Christ, or pig, or all of the above. It is time we stand collectively against this Soldier of hypocrisy and ignorance and call it what it is, a pig rolling in the mud of this country. Soiling herself in her trough and rubbing up against any one who will give her air time.

On Sean Hannity's show, she displayed a great deal of ignorance infused bravado, when she went on a tirade about Christina Aguilera's performance at the Superbowl XLV. We all know it was awful. I am sure no one knows that better than Aguilera herself. However, Palin's assessment was extreme and hateful... oh and hypocritical.

She said, "Quite frankly, Sean, public figures must be held accountable for what they say," explained Palin. "Here's another case of an airhead diva going on TV, running her mouth off, sounding like a fool. She doesn't understand something so basic about America, yet we're supposed to tolerate her diva behavior? Americans can see through that, Sean."

She also said that if she were President (please God, I am praying don't ever let it be so), she would deport Aguilera.

"Unemployment is at nine percent, yet we have to suffer through a performance by a foreigner with a poor grasp of the English language? If I were president, I'd deport Ms. Aguilera back to wherever it is she's from and give Amy Smart a call."

Is she fuckin serious? Is this pit-bull, pig hybrid really serious?

I have had it!! First of all miss Pot Calling the Kettle Black, Aguilera was born and raised in the USA. That is the United States of America. You know where that is Palin? Second of all, thanks for showing us all what an evil, racist you truly are. I mean we all knew it, but thanks for confirming it. Aguilera, being born in the USA (let me know if you need me to remind you where that is) grew up speaking English. Third of all, who are YOU calling a Diva? Your picture is in the dictionary under Diva. You know what a dictionary is Palin? Of course you don't.

So when are you going to hold yourself accountable for your words, Sarah? Never? Why am I not surprised? When are you going to realize that your ignorant venom only serves a small group of ignorant, paranoid, racist Americans who wouldn't know the Constitution if it held them hostage? When are you going to stop being a Diva?

She then said her attack wasn't personal. "I'm sure Ms. Aguilera is a very nice person, but I just think the American people deserve better than a demanding beauty queen who's clearly in over her head."

Is this some sort of public self realization? Is she really talking about herself? You know how you get upset with peoples' behavior because it is a projection of your own and you aren't ready to deal with that part of yourself? Nah, I don't think Palin is that self aware. Her delusional and narcissistic behavior doesn't allow her to grow as a human in anyway. She is human right? Are we still out on that? Not sure? Oh that's right, she is a pit bull, or lipstick,... I can't keep track.

I know one thing, she needs to apologize to Aguilera and the entire Latin American community. She also needs to apologize to public figures, beauty queens (especially the demanding ones) and Divas in America. Actually she needs to apologize to women period. She is embarrassing on every level to the women of America.

She needs to realize that every time she opens her mouth and spews ignorance, the World is watching and wondering, "is this the American Woman?" No World it is not. She does not speak for me, or any American Woman with a brain.

Just once Paling, just once, try thinking before you speak. I know the concept might be frightening to you, but I can assure you your head will not explode.

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Dean said...

I don't Christina Aguilera has ever entered a beauty pageant... that was a weird, Freudian reference...

Hot damn... you need to blog more often...